Editorial Reviews. Review. "Raw, tough, and unvarnished Don't miss it!"-- Kirkus Reviews Battle Cry eBook: Leon Uris: site Store. Moving, shocking, tense, and glorious, here is a magnificent saga of men at war-- Leon Uris's famous novel about life in the jaws of death, in the U.S. Marine. Battle Cry is the riveting Marine epic by the bestselling author of such classics as Trinity and Exodus. Originally published in , Leon Uris's Battle Cry is the.

Battle Cry Leon Uris Ebook

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Get this from a library! Battle cry.. [Leon Uris] Edition/Format: eBook: Document : Fiction: EnglishView all editions and formats. Rating: (not yet rated) 0 with. Battle Cry is a novel by American writer Leon Uris, published in Many of the events in the book are based on Uris's own World War II experience with the. Battle Cry. Home · Battle Cry Author: Uris Leon. 31 downloads Views Battle Cry of Freedom- The Civil War Era- Read more · Battle Cry of.

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Battle cry

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Battle cry.

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Excerpts - Chapter One The roof of the cold, gray, barnlike Pennsylvania Terminal in Baltimore hovered high over the scurrying travelers and the small whispering groups about Gate Three. About the Author - Internationally acclaimed novelist Leon Uris ran away from home at age seventeen, a month after the attack on Pearl Harbor, to join the Marine Corps, and he served at Guadalcanal and Tarawa. OverDrive Read.

File size:. EPUB eBook. The new OverDrive is coming soon! Preview it now. You've reached your checkout limit. You already have this title checked out. Only three remained in the Corps. However, it appeared that the rendezvous at Prichard's was by design.

The Corps had a piece of land there and had established a small, convenient station near the Capitol, where they formed up new units, or housed an overflow from Washington. Quantico had become a nice rest spot and transit center.

Master Gunnery Sergeant Kunkle had been on sea duty and a member of the contingent that ran the Germans out of Samoa.

Kunkle had not been home in three years. Well, he actually didn't have a home. The Gunny wore his forty-odd years well and he cut quite the figure as he rode up to the inn at Prichard's.

When the stable boy had seen to the horse's comfort, he came to the Gunny's room and poured buckets of hot water over him in a big galvanized tub to wash away the road dust.

Kunkle then repaired to the common room with the large fireplace in the pub and allowed himself to be overtaken by nostalgia. The family lived on a cobblestone alley in a squeezed row cottage in South Philly. During one particularly dirty winter, Wally's mother and an infant sister died of the throat disease.

The children, save Wally, were scattered to relatives, mostly on farms in western Pennsylvania. Wally was a quiet, ornery, angry, fierce kid, and when the authorities came for him, he hid.

He was finally taken to a humorless Lutheran orphanage, where his failure to bend to discipline led to corporal punishment. Wally had a fight a day, sometimes more. After a year of it, he ran away from the orphanage and begged his father to let him remain hidden in the cottage to which he had returned. The tiny house no longer had the siren lure of baking bread, as it did when Ma was alive, but had deteriorated into a home for rats drawn by the smell and taste of beer.

Wally spent his time near the navy yard on the Delaware River, where street urchins hung out, and picked up penny work doing laundry and running errands for the sailors. It was a highly territorial environment, where one used his fists to stake a claim to work a particular barracks. Wally fought his way to the barrack housing a Marine platoon. Some of the Marines had been heroes in the wars against Mexico and the Seminole Indians. There were shoes and brass buttons and buckles to be shined and fresh hay to be changed in the bedding and a potbellied stove to be fed and cleaned.

And clean he did. The Marines had far fewer bedbugs than the sailors.

Corporal Paddy O'Hara, an Irish immigrant who had survived the terrible potato famine, became Wally's big brother and protector. Wally made it the best job in the navy yard. The Marines were generous with smokes, the currency of the day.

On payday, illegal boxing matches were held beyond the main gates. Marines, sailors, shipyard workers, and visiting crews all had their champions in bare-knuckle pugilism. Before the men went to the pit, kids held preliminary fights for pennies tossed into the ring, and an occasional nickel. For Wally Kunkle at thirteen, this was a bonanza. After a particularly bloody match, there was sometimes as much as a dollar to be divided, seventy-thirty.

As a fighter, Wally Kunkle was cursed with a special gift.Their experiences in New Zealand reveal the very different cultures of the two allies, and how much the young marines enjoyed the hospitality of the local people, in spite of being what has been called a 'friendly invasion'.

I really like the different varities of scenes--there is both humor and tragedy. Accept to Continue Cancel.

She lowered her head as he spoke softly. It was sort of her test like in "Diner" Citations are based on reference standards. Leon Uris Find more information about: The story follows a group of young men that enlist in the Marine Corps in the wake of the attack on Pearl Harbor, through to the middle of the They are a rough—and—ready tangle of guys from America's cities and farms and reservations.

Fiction Historical Fiction.

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